Kings & Queens

Welcome to section on Magic & Mythology - Kings & Queens. In this section we are compiling information on the Kings & Queens of the Celtic Tribes, the Tuatha-Dé-Danaan, the Fomor, the Fir-Bolg & the Milesian people of Ireland.

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The First Monarchs

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Kings :    Fintan    Partholan    Nemed

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Kings : Balor Conaing Elatha Indech Morc Tethra Forgal the Wily

Queens : Ceithlenn  

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Kings : Eochaidh  MacEirc Gann Genann Rudraige  Sengann Slainge Rindail Fodbgenid Umor Oengus Cime Sreng

Queens : Tailtiu  

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Tuatha De Danann

Kings : Bodb Dearg Bress MacElathan Lugh Nuada MacCuill MacGreine MacCecht

Queens : Banbha Ériu Fodla

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Kings :  Mile Donn Eber Ir  Ith Breogan Tigernmas

Queens : Scota

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High-Kings :  Brian Boru* Cairpre (mac Ross) Cairpre MacCormac Conn Art Mac Conn Cormac MacArt Dermot MacKerval* Rory O'Connor *

Eochaid Fedlech Eochaid Airem Conaire Mór

Kings :  Ailill Olom Conchobar Erc MacCairbre Find MacRoss Ailill MacRoss Ross Ruadh Eogan MacDurthacht

Queens : Medb  

*historical kings



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