Tuatha-De-Danann King

Mac Gréine


Name:  Gréne / Mac Gréine / Cethor /'Son of the Sun'


Race:  Tuatha De Danann


Father: Cermait


Foster Father: The Sun


Brothers: Mac Cuill   Mac Cecht


Grandfather: Dagda


Wife:  Eriu


Profession:  King /Warrior


Associated Sites: Tara Uisnech 


Associated Deities: Lugh  

Mac Gréine ruled Ireland at the time of the coming of the Milesians with his brothers Mac Cuill and Mac Cecht. 

They always appear as a trio and were married to the queens Eriu, Banba and Fotla respectively. 

The brothers tried to stop the Milesian Invasion by asking the poet Amergin for a respite in order to ready themselves for battle.  Amergin agrees and duly goes beyond the ninth wave from shore, as soon as he does that the brothers cause a mighty wind to encircle Ireland and so hinder the Milesians from entry.

Lugh Lámhfada killed their father Cermait and so the three brothers killed Lugh in  revenge.  Mac Gréine was killed by Amergin at the Battle of Tailltin.

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