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Mythology/ Folklore

Folklore - Irish/Celtic/Seasonal

Stories from the Ancient Cycles of Irish Mythology.

The Ulster Cycle

All the Ancient Tales of Ulster, Cúchulainn, The Táin, etc. very well researched.

Celtic Folklore

Works by Lady Gregory, Thomas Crofton Croker, W.Y Evans Wentz, William Butler Yeats.  Provides whole transcripts of books by these authors and more, Welsh authors and links to modern folklore.

Mythology Links

A whole page of links to Irish Celtic myths and stories, Irish History links, Irish Literature links and music and art.

C.E.L.T. - Corpus of Electronic Texts

For the scholars out there. Two translations of the Táin by Cecile O'Rahilly, translations of The Annals of the Four Masters, The Annals of Ulster.  Irish language texts.  Works from Oscar Wilde, James Connolly, Thomas Davis...from the University College of Cork.


Irish Chat Rooms

Tír na nÓg - a Cyberspace Café

Lighthearted approach to subjects about Ancient Ireland, join in the chat with like minded cyberspace travellers.  Has a message board too if you prefer that approach. 



Ireland A History in Maps

Standard History of Ireland, gives information on the Paleolithic age up to Modern Times.



Tombs & Monuments

Irish Genius.Org

Excellent Site with wonderful photographs by writer and artist Anthony Weir.  Clickable Map of Ireland with Megalithic Sites, also Petroglyphs, Celtic Crosses and Sculptures, Sweathouses.  Essays by Anthony whose book 'The Field Guide to Ancient Ireland' sold out very soon after publication and has not been republished since.

Ancient Irish Monuments

Gives a brief description of the more famous sites and photographs, not very in-depth.

The Sacred Island

Pictures and information about Monuments and Cairns in the Co. Sligo Area, also Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in Co. Meath.  Good Photographs.  Tours of the sites arranged.

Stone Pages

Photographs and information about Megalithic Sites in Europe

The Geo Group

Articles on various Sacred Sites around the world. links to other sites. Main emphasis on ley-lines, dowsing, advice on where to build your house etc.

Megalithic & Neolithic Sites

Scottish Sites, pictures and information.

Earth Mysteries & Sacred Sites Tours

Tours of the Sacred Sites of Ireland arranged. 

Titus Ogamica

A scholarly website with pictures of Ogham Stones from Ireland, Wales, England.  Spanning the work of thirty years from the nineteen seventies onwards.

Newgrange & Knowth Megalithic Tombs Ireland

Information on Knowth, Newgrange, Fourknocks and other sites in County Meath.  links to other websites with related material.


Herbs, Trees & Fungi 


Suppliers of legal mind altering herbs, information on herbs.

Hemp Awareness Group (Ireland)

Links to news stories of worldwide use of Hemp and Cannabis

Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Pages of links to international websites which give information about medicinal herbs, They also have a forum where visitors can discuss issues and ask questions.


Great Wed site on mushrooms & fungi


Arts & Crafts 

Jim Fitzpatrick

View the work of this excellent modern illustrator, Celtic designs, illustrations of the Epic Tales of Ancient Ireland and more. Jim Fitzpatrick designed the famous 'Ché Guevarra' black and white image that is seen everywhere in the world, he made this image copyright free so that it would reach a large audience!!

Peadar Mc Daid

This artist creates wonderful celtic artworks in black and white.  All original designs based on medieval celtic artworks such as the book of Kells, and modern celtic themes.  He designed his own website too!

Images from the Book of Kells

Illustrations from the Book of Kells the great Medieval Illustrated Manuscript of Ireland.  Now housed in Trinity College Dublin.  Has links to other sites on the Book of Kells., Inc.

Works of Art by nineteenth century illustrators of fairy tales, Arthur Rackham, Gustave Doré etc. thousands of images. Use 'nostalgia' as keyword. - they have recently changed their site so do not have as much images as before.

Swifthollow Fairies in Art

Images of fairies, elves and sprites. | Celtic Cross Design. Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Web Design



Celtic Shaman 

Online Pagan Shop & Community Resource Center, Web Design, Marketing & Hosting

Heart's Home

Reiki practitioners, Articles on Celtic Shamanism, Milesian Poet Amergin, Tuatha De Danann  and more..

Society of Celtic Shamans


GreenMan's Grove

Celtic Pagan Info products & networking



Henge of Keltria 

Organisation which formed to worship the Gods & Goddesses of Celtic Tradition.

The Sanctum of Cathbad

History of Druidism, The Goddess Brigit, Modern Druidism.

Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF)

Site of one of the larger American Druidic organisations.  Information and Articles from their Newsletter. A Druid Fellowship.

Celtic Pages

Links to many Druidic websites.


Pagan Sites

The Yeti's Lair

Lots of information on different Pagan Religions, including Druidism, Celtic Shamanism & Wicca. Spells. Book reviews and plenty of links to other sites of Pagan interest.  Very down to earth and objective.


New Age Sites


Astrology from a Celtic Pagan perspective. Astrological alignments, etc.


Music Sites

An onlish Irish guide to Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

Bronze Age Horns

This is a wonderful informative site about the music of Ancient Ireland, with beautiful pictures of replicas of the Ancient Bronze age horns and prehistoric instruments available to buy.  Samples of music. The bronze age horns were played rather like the 'didgeridoos' of Australia.  

The Session



Celtic folk music group based in Germany

Song Lyrics

For all your Song Lyrics to your favourite tunes


Magic Sites

Authentic Love Spells cast on your behalf by notoriously known witch Ms. Aisha. She offers Love Spells with fast and powerful results.

A website Offering Information on Psychic Readings, Spells, Astrology readings



Nexus Magazine

Interesting articles about Hidden Science, Alternative Medicine, Ancient Mysteries and more..lots of links to interesting sites too. One of the best



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