Stories, Myths & Legends

This section of gives a list of Stories, Myths and Legends according to subject matter.  There are more stories in the Fairy Lore section.

Book of Invasions

The Lebor Gabala

 From the Book of Leinster

Fintan and Cessair

Fintan's Story  



The Fir Bolg  

The Tuatha De Danann  

Death Tales of the Tuatha De Danann

The Milesians Pt 1  

The Milesians Pt 2  

The Tuatha Dé Danann

The Birth of the Boyne

The Fate of the Children of Lír

The Battle of Tailltin

Bres and the Tuatha Dé Danann

The Fate of the Children of Turenn

Bodb Dearg

How the River Barrow Got Its Name

Aengus Óg and Caer Ibormeith

Dindshenchas - Boand

The First Battle of Moytura

Áine and King Ailill Olom


The Second Battle of Moytura

Angus Óg

Manannan and Bran Mac Febal

The Exploits of the Dagda



The Rivalry of Diancecht /Miach

The Morrigu

Manannan at Play

The Wooing of Etain

The Landing of the Milesians

Ilbrec of Ess Ruadh and Caoilte

The Yew of the Disputing Sons

The Hidden House of Lugh

note: Cúchulainn stories are also part of the Ulster Cycle

The Ulster Cycle

Deirdre and the sons of Uisnech

The Feast of Bricriu

The Story of Mac Dathó's Pig  

The Awakening of Ulster

Bricriu's Feast and the War of Words (Lady Gregory)

The Birth of the Bulls

The Death of the Bulls


The Birth of Cúchulainn

Scathach trains Cúchulainn

Lugh Heals Cúchulainn

How Cúchulainn got his name

The Cattle Raid of Cooley

His Son Conlaoch

The First Battle of Cúchulainn 

  Ferdiad and Cúchulainn 

His Father Sualtam 

Cúchulainn and Emer

Fergus Mac Roich

The Final Battle

The Morrigan and Cúchulainn 

Druid Calatin and Cúchulainn

The Death of Cúchulainn

Conall the Victorious avenges the Death of Cúchulainn

The Wasting Sickness of Cúchulainn

Cúchulainn slays Finnabair 

Birth of Cuchulain by Lady Gregory

The Boyhood Deeds of Cuchulain

The Courting of Emer

The Battle of Rosnaree

Fionn Mac Cumhail & The Fianna

The Boyhood of Fionn Mac Cumhail

The Death of Fionn Mac Cumhail

Black, Brown and Grey

How the Fianna Got their Horses

A List of the Battles of Fionn

  Red Ridge

The Hostel of the Quicken-Trees

The Coming of Finn

The Hound

How Fionn Got His Grey Hair

The King of Britain's Son

The King of Lochlann and his Sons

Diarmuid and Gráinne

Finn's Household

The Lad of the Skins

Oisín in Tir na nÓg

Oisín and Talkenn (Patrick)

Ailne's Revenge

Oisín and Patrick Arguments

The Battle of Gabhra

Cat-Heads and Dog-Heads

The Call of Oisín

The Cave of Ceiscoran

The Cave of Cruachan

The Daughter of King Under-Wave

The Boar of Beinn Gulbain

Credhe's Lament

The Birth of Bran

The Death of Goll

How Diarmuid Got His Love-Spot

Donn Son of Mider

The Death of Bran

Fighting and Peace

The Enemies of Ireland

Cael and Credhe

Conn Crither

Finn and The Phantoms

Finn's Madness

The First Fighters

The Flight From Teamhair

Glas Son of Dremen

The Great Fight

The Green Champions

The Cause of the Battle of Cnucha

The Hard Servant

The Help of the Men of Dea

The High King's Son

The Hospitality of Cuanna's House

The House of the Quicken Trees

The Hunt of Slieve Cuilinn

The King of Ulster's Son

Kings and Queens

The Defeat of Balor

The Birth of Conchobar (v-2)

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel - Aftermath

The Naming of Mag Mucraime


Baile In Scail - The Phantom's Frenzy

The Pillow-Talk of Medb and Ailill

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel - Foretales

The Fair of Tailtiu

The Conception of Conchobar

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel

Tiernmas and Crom Cruach

The Adventures of Art son of Conn

The Adventures of Connla the Fair

Cormac Mac Art in Faery

Heroes and Heroines

The Combat of Ferdiad and Cúchulainn (full version)

Conlaoch and his father Cúchulainn (full version)

The Best Men of the Fianna

The Poem of Amairgin

The Hawk of Achill

The Birth of Diarmuid

The Voyage of Bran Mac Febal (full version)

The Story of Tlachta

The Siege of Knocklong (summary)

The Roscs of Mogh Ruith

The Tragic Death of Cu Roi Mac Dairi

Metrical Dindshenchas

Boand (Boyne River)

Cnogba (Knowth)

Tailtiu (Teltown)

Teamhair (Tara)

Mag Sléacht (Moysleet)


Eo Rossa / Eo Mugna

The Enchanted Fawn/Carn Mail


Festivals, Folklore & Poetry

The Baal Fires And Dances 


Crith Gablach -Law Poem

  The Old Woman of Beare



Ancient Irish source texts

Arsaidh Sin a Eoúin Accla  

Scél Muicce Mac Dathó

Imram Brain maic Febail, ocus a Echtra andso sís



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