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::Hoards: Dowris Hoard

Archaeological Enigmas from Ancient by Dr. Alexander Sumach

 Brendan The Navigator

The Working Celtic Cross by Crichton Miller

Foxglove; Yew : :: Willow :: Rowan :: Birch updated. Holly updated :: Alder :: Aspen :: Apple

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Tiernmas and Crom Cruach

Conn of the Hundred Battles

Baile In Scail - The Phantom's Frenzy

List of Fairy Haunts in Ireland

The Adventures of Art son of Conn

The Tragic Death of Cu Roi Mac Dairi

Art Mac Conn






Cailleach Beara updated

The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare

The Enchanted Fawn/Carn Mail

The Adventures of Connla the Fair

Lugh updated

The Cave of Cruachan

Cat-Heads and Dog-Heads

The Cave of Ceiscoran

Conn Crither

Credhe's Lament

The Daughter of King Under-Wave

The Death of Bran

The Death of Goll

Goll Mac Morna

How Diarmuid Got His Love-Spot

Conan Maol

Donn Son of Midhir

Fighting and Peace

The Enemies of Ireland

Mac Lugaidh


Finn and the Phantoms

 Metrical Dindsenchas - Naas

Cormac Mac Art in Faery

Finn's Madness

The First Fighters

The Flight From Teamhair

Glas Son of Dremen

The Great Fight

The Green Champions

Leprechauns updated

The Battle of Cnucha

The Hard Servant

The Help of the Men of Dea

The Hidden House of Lugh

The High King's Son

The Hospitality of Cuanna's House

The House of the Quicken Trees

The Hunt of Slieve Cuilinn

The King of Britain's Son

The King of Lochlann and his Sons

The King of Ulster's Son


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