Magic, Spells & Charms

Magic and incantation played a very big part in the daily life of the ancient peoples of Ireland.  Much of these charms and spells were still being used by the people of the west of Ireland up to the mid twentieth century when they were finally dying out, along with the use of the Irish language.  (There has been a revival of interest in the Irish language today and the number of fluent speakers is growing once more.)

Folklorists and Chroniclers of the nineteenth century such as Sir William Wilde and Lady 'Speranza' Wilde, Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats gathered much of the information compiled here.  Much of this lore would have been lost forever if it were not for their efforts.

These charms are based on very ancient Irish Pagan charms, although many have been christianised, the essential power of the charms is still extant.

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Healing Charms

  For The Night Fire (The Fever)    For the Mad Fever    For A Wound

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Love Spells & Charms

   A Love Potion    Love Dreams    To Cause Love    To Cause Love 2 

  To Win Love    To Win Love 2

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Helpful Charms

  Against Sorrow    Against Enemies   To Extract a Thorn 

  How to Have Money Always   Against Drowning   How to Go Invisible

  To Find Stolen Goods   For Depression of Heart   An Elixir of Potency

  Charms by Crystals    For The Fairy Dart Against Wounds and Poisons The Curraghmore Crystal



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