A Celtic Pagan View

A personal Celtic view on today's Social System. Many of the Social problems today are because we still run a 2000+ year old Roman political, Economic and legal systems. Systems that at that time where rigged to maintain a super-rich few off the back of the many, the same as the systems today.


No 'private banking system' would exist. To allow a 'few' to benefit of the back of the many was not tolerated by Celtic society. The 'private banking system' is a CON and the charge of interest on the loan of money was considered by Celtic society to be nothing more than Theft.

 It is this INTEREST and the 'increase of the money supply without an equal increase in good or services' that causes INFLATION, as we are forced into more and more debt, then people and companies are forced to increase their prices and/or save money by reducing quality of goods, to pay for the interest on loans and increased taxes (to pay the interest on the money borrowed by our governments) forced on them. These bankers have taken control of the governments of the world, by forcing them to borrow money from them, thereby indebting the populations to these few. These banker's NEVER even OWNED the hundreds of trillions that OUR 'governments' borrowed from them. It was OUR money, printed by OUR 'governments', for OUR use, and everyone has the right to this resource, not just who the 'banks' think it should be given to. To allow private owned companies to  distribute money, means that there is a power higher than our governments, as these banks hold power over our economy and can cause the crash of the economy at any time by stopping the flow of  money (the lifeblood of a society) into the economy.

The Celts would have run a 'Public' Banking System. No FEW individuals would benefit from us wanting a house, car, holiday, etc. All citizens would be shareholders from the day they are born, to the day they die. As the highest power, only the government would print and distribute money in a Public owned and run Bank. With One or more outlets as needed  in every city, town and village.

All LOANS would be INTEREST FREE and only the 'Amount Borrowed' would be 'Repaid'. It was illegal to charge interest on the loan of money in Irish Celtic society.

All credit cards would be interest free. As would check payments and the use of ATM machines. This would allow YOU to have a better home, car, etc. because YOU are not paying more than the value. Inflation would drop to nothing and the only cost on money would be the cost of printing new notes, about $/1,000 for every Million or Billion in  notes, it's only paper & ink after all.

In England in the year 2000 there was 100,000+ complaints put in against the Private Banks, and what happened! 'a meeting behind closed doors'!!(so the bankers could tell the government what to do, not the government telling the banks what to do) any other industry would have been closed down with that many complaints.

In Ireland in 2004 the banks were found to have stolen billions in over charging when they where already stealing billions in interest these greedy fuckers have to scam more. Estimated at 150+ million per bank. It was found that the overcharging had been going on for years and had been know to have been going on by the bankers who did nothing to stop it until they were caught out. So far the 'garda' have not spend one minute of time looking into the theft and no charges are being brought against the bankers. Just show how much control the banks have over the government and society that nothing is done when they break the law.

(One bank alone  is making 3.2 billion a year in profit that they claim of. And lets not beat around the bush there is no-one like the banks for fiddling their books so they are probably making a lot more. With most of the other banks making about the same, now Ireland with a population of only 3.6 million that is a lot of money. If only 1.3 million of the population is working then they have taken 1000 euros out of every workers household in the country every year. Add in the other banks then they have taken 4-5000 Euros out of every household, add in the extra tax that the workers have to pay for the government 'loan' est. at 3000euros a year. That works out that the bankers are taking nearly 8-9000 euro off every worker every year. It is no wonder both parent have to be out working, that very few of the older generation have anything to pass on as everything is being sold off to help keep money in peoples pockets today.) i first wrote this piece in 1998. 

Since then the private bankers has continued to allow the Irish citizens access to it own money by 'loaning' it to them. This has caused a massive increase in the 'Debts' of the the people of Ireland to the point that we have now been totally enslaved back into the control of the people that we fought 1000 years to get rid off. The personal debt has increased into the 100,000+ per person and is continuing to go up unless people in this country wake up and demand the return of the Irish Interest Free bank the one we run for over a 6000 years before the present crown system that was setup by the invaders then the next generation will own nothing and every generation after will be slaves forever

I also think they have enough money already, don't you. These are also the bankers involved in funding ALL the WARS worldwide. As well as funding Hitler and the Nazi party (mainly funded by the English, American and Swiss bankers). The second world war got most of the world into debt to these bankers as they funded both side in order to bankrupt the world). Most countries are still paying the interest on this debt or on the loans borrowed to rebuild after the war

If all the Trillions & Billions were taken from the 1% and given out. We would ALL get about $166,000+ US  each, there goes poverty worldwide and would bolster the economies of the world forever. this was correct at time of first write 2004. today the estimated value of the Crown Corporation is 5.4 quad zillion that a lot of wealth these 13 so called royal/banker families have stolen from the rest of the people of this planet

Irelands debt is 250 Billion Euros that's about 62,750 for every man, woman AND child!! In debt to a few from birth. So far they have had about 700 billion(700,000,000,000,) Euros in interest and our government are still giving them 3 billion(3,000,000,000) a year. + all the interest being paid by the business sector and private citizens. We have been paying this loan for years. This is why our economies keep dying the more they grow the quicker the bankers can drain off the generated wealth. correct at first

USA debt is over $50 Trillion that's about $195,000+ for every man, woman AND child!! and is going up continually, all the money being borrowed for their 'war on terror' is being borrowed from these bankers, 1 trillion so far. again in debt from birth. Interest is about 2.5 Trillion a year ($2,500,000,000,000.) how many people would this help if it was not going to these b(w)ankers. + all the interest being paid by the business sector and private citizens. 

US debt clock

The Red Cross now say, that in their opion, 50% of americans live in poverty, i have no reason to not believe them. It is because of this debt that most americans r now considered poor ie., the average debt per person is now five times the average wage, or the average citizen pay most of their yearly income on taxes or interest on debts. nearly 100% of the  income tax collected in america now goes to the bankers, none of it goes to the government and none off it is used for the benifit of the american citizens.

The British debt is 1.7 trillion =  1,700,000,000,000 to these wankers, interest is 170+ billion a year. + all the interest being paid by the business sector and private citizens. 

Let me know your country debt, yearly interest payments and how much they have  given the bankers so far

For more on the American private banking SCAM see this link

Must see movie Zeitgeist 

P.S. So far the 1% 'legally' own  99.5% of the worlds wealth and 'they' are trying to get the other .5% , unless they are stopped.   100 years ago the 1% owned 1% of the world wealth. The only way they could have gotten the other 98.5% that quick is by Theft.

in figures the banker elite .1% have stolen over 1000 trillion+ ( 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000+) from the rest of the world and do nothing with this wealth, that is why our economies go nowhere and keep crashing due to a lack of funds flowing in them and our corrupt Political, Economic & Legal system maintain this 2000 year old roman system that's rigged to benefit the few off the back of the many.

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In a Celtic Society No person would be allowed to own more than 1 house until everyone was housed. To also allow a few to own Hundreds even Thousands of houses while there are people on the streets and others paying rent to these Few is a joke and a sign of an uncivilized society. 

A Civilized Society houses it citizens in warm, comfortable, clean, safe houses and does not allow a few to benefit from this 'Basic' Right. 

At the moment on average in Ireland it cost 30-40k to build a new house but the average price to buy a new house is 130k+ that's a big profit margin for any business to have and for a government to allow to continue to have

That also includes Banks, Mortgage companies etc. who are forcing you to pay twice or more of the value. If all of  the building companies and builders, etc. can be paid with the cost price then why should these companies make so much. If every other companies make from 7% to 25% profit on what they sell or supply then why should the banks make 100%-200%+ profit on their service.

 They are a service company after all, there to service the needs of all citizens. But in reality they are the most bigoted, prejudiced, companies around, and once indebted to them, they treat their customers like dirt.

In the UK in 1994 there was 900,000 empty flat's above shops and businesses. and only 300,000 homeless. No housing shortage then just a lack of being a civilized society.

In Ireland there is 1 million empty houses and yet they still promote the view that their is a housing shortage so to keep a steady rise on the price of housing for the benefit of the building companies and the bankers.

In a Civilized Society


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Originally the police were taken from the local community and were enrolled because of the fairness and respect that the local community that they served had for them. This has got lost along the way as the police have become a bastion of bullies and thugs whose sole purpose today is to maintain the status quo for the elite few. They are now the Property of the Rich and Powerful. The moment they assaulted a citizen they became the criminals. These bullies are shipped off to a school were they are taught how to be better bullies and thugs and how to use weapons to assault citizens, this has to stop. 

We all understand the need for this type of organisation but they have to be under the control of the citizens, not the banker, government, business, or politicians. If the citizens demonstrate then the police should be at the front of the citizens they work for, demanding to know from the government and politicians as to why they are not looking after the needs of the citizens.

 Not protecting the Government & Big Business from the citizens

The gardai are contracted under the Irish Constitution to lead by Moral example. The list of times that they, As an organization, have broken this constitutional contract is a long one but here is a few.

THEY knew of the murders, raping, & abuse of the children in the care of the 'christian' state and 'christain church'. and helped to cover it up. Charges should be brought against every police leader and government official for the last 75 years for the crimes they allowed to happen to the children of this country. The UN is at present charging the Roman christain church with Genocide for what was done to the Canadian Indians, they should also be charges for what they done to the children and citizens of this country all because of their narrow minded, bigot views of the christain church and its leaders.

THEY have assaulted & murdered citizens. And continue to at the request of a minority elected government. (i.e. The glen of the downs, shell to sea, etc. The garda are here to protect the rights of citizens not the state or companies. To assault citizens at the request of governments or business is a sign of hired thugs. )      

 THEY have enforced minority views, and continue to, with the present government only getting 17% of the votes to get into power. In my view if they don't get a respectable  amount of the votes 50%+ then the election should be held again with New people to vote for, or bring in nuro-politics, cyber-politics or info- politics etc. as our present system does not, and has not ever worked for the benefit of all citizens.

THEY have a multi-million euro golf course in the Wicklow mountains for their sole (garda & ex garda) use only, while citizens are living on the streets. This is a crime in my book and shows how bought and bribed the garda are.

They use CCTV, Radar, etc. to 'illegally' spy on there Bosses, Us.  AT the waste of Billions of OUR money on installing cameras, cables, monitors, staff, etc. when this money could be used to help end the inequalities of our society. 1 year budget houses all the homeless. The use of  CCTV cameras to spy on people is against the law in ireland as we have a right to be private, it  was also made illegal in October 2000 by the European Laws on Privacy. At the moment none have been taken down and more are illegally being put up. Of course the Law only applies to citizens, not the Government or Garda. 

They have helped to cover up both English and Irish state crimes. i.e. like the Monaghan and Dublin bombings, there is no doubt now that parties in the English and Irish governments and police forces knew of the bombers and let the bombing happen in order to bring in anti-terrorist (fascist) laws to invade citizens privacy and lives.

They have allowed the theft of over 900 billion by the Private Bankers, and continue to protect the interests of these few elite bankers over the citizens they are contracted to protect. These are their real bosses the Elite Banker few who have stolen 99.5% of the worlds wealth through theift

They have helped evict citizens from their homes and land for the benefit of a few, usually BANKERS. and now because the prick government wrote laws to say they can evict anyone they like if they want the land. ie 100's of families are being forced to sell their house and land so that the government can build more roads in a country that has more roads per meter of land than any other in Europe. 

THEY have never once take legal action against the banks, even when we all know they have one of the longest criminal records as an industry, not 1 of the bankers have ever been prosecuted. I have had money stole by the banks ie, was take out of my account without my knowledge, that is theft, if i do this to a bank i am locked up, but nothing happens to the banker when the bank steals my money. 

All the banks in Ireland have been found to have stolen money from the accounts of it customers. AIB have stolen 150 million+ but no action has been taken by the garda against the bankers. 

At the end of the day the 'police' have become the very thing they were invented to protect us against, 

BULLIES, THUGS, SCUM and WANKERS for an Elite SuperRich Few. The SuperRich never get proscuted for their crimes.

A few good police do not make up for such a corrupt group and does not justify keeping the Garda in it present form & accountability. It needs a complete overhaul and and charges brought against the past leaders of this organisations for the crimes it has committed, this is needed to insure that if they want the job then they better be prepared to pay for any crimes committed under their management.

Our society is getting more violent for 2 main reasons, 

1. The drain of Money (the food of society) by the bankers, as they steal more of the collective wealth by interest then we will all get more aggressive to procure what little is left. As the citizens are forced into more and more debt for the benefit of a banker few then we will get more dissatisfied with the system and will take that aggression out on the assholes who continue to run the same corrupt legal, political and economic systems for the benefit of a rich few.

2. Mineral defences, this is like being in a famine situation, DNA has one goal to maintain the species so in a famine it will make us all more aggressive because we may have to fight each other over a limited supply of food. this goes back to the millions of years as primate animals and famine can make us transgress. Now we may have lots of food in our shops at the moment but if it has a lack off minerals in it, then we are eating air and the body thinks we are starving and in a famine situation. This also affects the mind as the 100,000 chemicals a second for 'normal' brain operation comes from these minerals, etc in your diet, for some people the lack of minerals makes the brain transgress to a more primate state, another way to look at it is, 20,000 chemicals a second gives the brain state of a caveman, 1,000,000 a second will probably make u a god, the thing is, the brain needs fed and the food problem is causing the brain to  lack what it needs to function properly, which will then lead to either metal problems, and/ or aggression. 

Correct these problems and the need for a Policing  organisation will soon disappear.

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The basic belief of the Celtic people when it came to 'religion' was that We are all suppose to have a different view. The Celts had a mad variety of gods and goddess and it was up to the individual to decide how many they wanted or didn't want in their lives.

 Today as a world of '6.3' Billion  people then we should have 6.3 billion+ different 'religions'. One+ for every person. Why not have 2 or 3 religious views. We are all different in many different ways so no two of us should have the same views, nor should we try to enforce our own views on others. Debate of  views  is good as this promotes a progression of our own views as new information is accessed. We are all here to experience the universe in an unique way, and therefore we should all have a different view of the universe, so do so and remember everything u have been told is 'the theory of a primate primitive tribal culture' that knows little of anything yet.

ALL Organized Religion goes against this basic principle as it tries to enforce the views of an 'elite few' on others. This 'elite few' usually live the lives of plenty while there so called 'Converted' usually starve, or are off 'murdering' the so called 'unconverted'. 


These organisations have also take over our deaths as they now  have a say in how and where we end up. This is one of the the biggest issue to face mankind, Death, we now have the means to regain our natural lifespan ie. 130+ on average, this is because we can now properly feed the body with super supplements (see Web shop Maxamol) that will, for the first time in thousands of years, give us our daily requirements for our body needs, 

The best way to look at this is If you get 100% of your daily requirements i.e. Vitamins, Minerals, EFA, etc., every single day of your life, then your 'body-machine' will run really well for at least 130 years, now most of us have a difficulty in getting, on average 50% of our daily need that is why the average lifespan is only 75, half of what it should be. Another thing that has affected our lifespan is the onslaught of the chemical age were the chemicals found in the normal household products are loaded with toxic chemical by-products of the petrol chemical industry waste.

 Everyday people use these products and wonder why they end up with toxic illnesses like cancer, etc.

Another way to look at it is this, These bodies are machines. now if you bought a new car and never changed the oil or topped up the water and only give it 2* fuel then how quickly would you burn out the car, the car would die very quickly. 

Now most people our doing the same to their machines, they never change the oil. ie detoxify. never top up the water, most people go around dehydrated because they do not drink enough 'water' daily, they drink pop drinks or tea or coffee which don't re-hydrate they r treated like a food by the body and not as a fluid. The only thing that the body treats as a fluid is water and water is the only thing that can keep your internal fluids at the right level without excess work having to be done by the body, and 2* fuel because the basic food chain is so lacking in 'minerals' then there is no way to get what u need daily from the food.

Now back to the original thought for the first time we each have the option to choose if we wish to die or not, we now have the choice to live for as long as we wish, as i said the super supplements will give us the ability to regain r normal lifespan of 130+, by that time it will be the 23rd century and what we will know then, may well give us the ability to go on for as long as we choose. This is already happening as the knowledge on the bio-chemistry of the body increases, then the ability to make the body run even better ie 110% , 120% etc. and therefore increase the lifespan, so for every 10 years of research into the body by bio-chemistry may gain a 2 year increase in lifespan then by the time we make 130 we will have the ability to look forward to another 20 30 40 years. As the research doubles every 5 years, then this would be an increasing number ie., the first 10 years may give a 2 year increase the second 10 years may give a 3 year increase in lifespan and so on and so on.

Also in genetics they have located the ageing gene. In a number of years we will have the means to turn this gene off, so that the body-machine will run continually so long as it get 'all the fuel' it needs. The main reason we age at all is that this machine has been told genetically to make the remake of cells to be less than it was before, ie make it slightly less than what it was before. How does it do this, by reducing the materials (minerals, vitamins, etc) used to make it = ageing. When the gene is turned off then the cell will be told to remake it self as before so as long as the body/cells get all the requirements, ie minerals,  vitamins etc, it needs to do the job then immortality calls.


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