Donations Page

Now you to can help to keep Shee-Eire going into the future.

Why Donations; by asking our visitors for donations this means i will be able to keep the site 'free access' to all. over the last 10 years the construction and continued expansion of Shee-eire has cost me a lot of time and money in Equipment, Software, travel cost to the ancient sites, etc. and any help in augmenting this cost is most welcome.

All I ask is if our visitors donated /$/5 a year this will allow me to keep the site going and expanding for as long as our donators' wish it to. 

So if u can support me please do I am the only one working on the web site and I still have to earn a living but if I can get enough donators then I can spend all my time on the website and can built it faster and better.




If u can not donate then why not help by promoting the site by recommending us for awards in your local area or country. ie. magazine or newspaper, online awards for best website etc. 


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