Medicinal Properties of Irish Herbs, Trees & Fungi

This information is for educational purposes only. The responsibility for health lies with the individual.

The main reason for sickness in our society today is Micro Mineral Deficiencies, MMDS, which is the root cause of over 500+ illness that effect humans. This has been caused by the over farming of the land resulting in severe lack of minerals in our basic food chain.

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Anodyne -:  An agent that's soothes or relieves pain :

Catnip Comfrey Cowslip Hemp  Willow

Antifungal -: An agent that clears fungal infections and skin irritations : 


Antiseptics -: An agent for destroying or inhibiting putrefactive or pathogenic bacteria :

Bilberry Heather Hemp Lavender  

Antispasmodics -: An agent that relieves or checks spasms or cramps :

Balm Catnip Cowslip Fennel Garlic Hawthorn Lavender Parsley Willow 

Anthelmintic -: An agent that destroys or expels intestinal worms, vermicide, vermifuge :

Garlic  Hemp

Aperients -: A mild stimulant for the bowels, a gentle purgative :

Burdock Borage Dandelion Elder   Hemp

Appetisers -: An agent that increases the appetite :

Alfalfa Angelica Ground Ivy Hemp Mugwort 

Aromatic -: An agent with an agreeable odour and stimulating qualities :

Catnip Fennel  Hemp

Astringents -: An agent that contracts bio tissue, reducing secretions or discharges :

Alder Agrimony   Apple Bilberry Birch Blackberry Coltsfoot Comfrey Ground Ivy Holly  Hyssop Lady's Mantle Lungwort  Mallow Meadowsweet Nettle Oak Rowan

Calmatives -: An agent with tranquillising or sedative effects :

Balm Hemp

Cardiac's -: An agent that stimulates the heart :

Hawthorn Mistletoe Foxglove Yew

Carminatives -: An agent for removal of gas from the intestines :

Angelica Balm Catnip Chickweed Fennel Garlic Hyssop Lavender 


Cholagogues -: An agent for increasing the flow of bile into the intestines :

Burdock Dandelion Fumitory Garlic Heather Lavender Mugwort  

Diaphoretics -: An agent to promote perspiration :

Balm Birch Borage Burdock Catnip Cowslip Elder Goat's Rue 

Heather Horehound Meadowsweet  Ragwort

Demulcents -: An agent that soothes irritated tissue, particularly mucous membrane :

Chickweed Coltsfoot Comfrey Flax Irish Moss Lungwort Mallow  Rowan

Digestive -: An agent to aid or help promote digestion :

Apple Garlic Ground Ivy Hemp Mugwort Rowan

Diuretics -: An agent to increase the expulsion of urine :

Alder Alfalfa Birch Burdock Cowslip Dandelion Elder Fennel Fumitory  Garlic Goat's Rue Ground Ivy Heather Holly Horehound Lavender 

Meadowsweet Mistletoe Nettle Parsley Ragwort Yew Rowan

Emetic -: An agent that causes vomiting :


Emmenagogues -: An agent that promotes menstrual flow :

Balm Hyssop Parsley Ragwort Yew

Emollients -: An agent used externally to soften and soothe :

Coltsfoot Comfrey Flax Lungwort Mallow

Expectorants -: An agent that promotes the discharge of mucus from the respiratory passage :

Angelica Chickweed Coltsfoot Comfrey Cowslip Fennel Garlic 

Heather Hemp Holly Horehound Hyssop Lungwort Mallow Parsley   Rowan

Ferbrifuges -: An agent that reduces or eliminate fevers :

Ash Borage Garlic Holly Lady's Mantle Willow Rowan

Galactagogues -: An agent that encourages or increases the secretion of milk :

Borage Fennel Goat's Rue Nettle

Hallucinogens - : An agent that induces changes in brain chemistry to produce changes in perception - visual, aural and sensory.

Fly Agaric Hemp Liberty Cap Mugwort

Hemostatics -: An agent to stop bleeding :

Comfrey Nettle  Rowan

Laxative -: An agent promoting evacuation of the bowels, a mild purgative :

Chickweed Fumitory  Hemp Yew

Mucilaginous -: A remedy for dry throat or bronchial disorders :

Irish Moss

Pectoral -: A remedy for pulmonary or other chest diseases :

Borage Ground Ivy

Purgatives -: An agent that produces a vigorous emptying of the bowels :

Elder Flax Mugwort  

Refrigerant -: An agent to lower abnormal body heat :


Rubefacient -: A local irritant producing reddening of the skin :

Cowslip  Redlegs

Sedatives -: A soothing agent that reduces nervousness, distress or irritation :

Hawthorn Hemp Lavender

Stimulants -: An agent that excites or quickens the activity of the brain :

Angelica Fennel Ground Ivy Hemp Horehound Hyssop Lavender Liberty Cap Mistletoe

Stomachics -: An agent that strengthens the stomach :

Angelica Balm Dandelion Fennel Fumitory Hyssop Lavender

Tonics -: An agent that strengthens and/or invigorates organs and/or the entire organism:

Alfalfa Angelica   Blackberry Borage Dandelion Fumitory 

  Ground Ivy Hemp Horehound Hyssop Lady's Mantle Lavender Nettle Oak

Vasoconstrictors -: An agent that narrows the blood vessels thus raising blood pressure:


Vasodilators -: An agent that widens the blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure:

Hawthorn Mistletoe  

Vulnerary. -: A healing application for wounds :

Agrimony Comfrey Rowan

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Last Updated - August 3, 2023

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