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NAME: Hemp / Cannabis


LATIN NAME:  Cannabis Sativa / Indicia

COMMON / FOLK NAMES:  Marijuana Pot Bhang Grass Indian Hemp Marihuana Weed Dope Puff  Ganga Stuff Gear Bud Stash Poor man tobacoo

MEDICINAL PART:  Flowers, Leaves, Stem.

PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Ireland Europe & the rest of the world

HABITAT:  Anywhere, and everywhere. For medicinal purposes it is best grown on sandy soil.

DESCRIPTION:  Hemp is an herbaceous annual plant. It used to be cultivated and found growing wild in all parts of Ireland. It has both a male and female plant, and also the ability to be a hermaphrodite i.e.. having male and female flowers on the same plant. One of the oldest plants on the planet, it has evolved to be able to survive in all climates and soils. Can attain heights of 32 feet or more. Today there are over 10+ thousand different strains of hemp.

FLOWERING PERIOD:  August to November, as well as Autoflower and feminised seeds


PROPERTIES:  One of the Greatest Medicinal Herbs known to man. THC has over 400+ known compounds, CBD

Anodyne, Analgesic-Hypnotic Topical Anesthetic Antiasthmatic Antibiotic Antiepileptic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Antidepressant Anthelmintic Antitussive Aperient Appetiser  Aromatic Calmative Digestive Decongestant Expectorant Laxative Sedative Stimulant Tonic 

USES: With more than 100,000+ Commercial uses, it is the most valuable resource in the world.

It was made illegal in most countries by The Crown Corporation's copyrighted property, the legal system, to look after the profit making of the Crown owned oil and chemical companies, to remove the competition from methanol, made from hemp, grown by our farmers, which was keeping the rural economy growing. This plant can be used to compete these outdated industries in a open market. The legal system is being used to deny the people a free market. 5% of Irelands landmass, growing hemp for fuel, would provide all the energy needs for the country each year, keeping the money with the farmers and in our country and keeping the rural economies active, this is also an environmentally friendly fuel, but these profit crazy owners of The Crown Corporation, who DO control our governments, don't like real competition.


USES IN IRELAND: For 8,000 years, before the present day, 'fascist' A.C.T's against it, hemp was used in Ireland for -

 Food: Hemp seeds are one of the most bio-available forms of protein and with it Deep root structure, able to get at those all important minerals, the leaves provide a good source of roughage as well as vitamins and minerals. Best seed are from plants that have been growing for the full season.

Fuel: The stems can be turned into an environmentally friendly bio-fuel to run car, planes, train, boat, buses, trucks, as the deisel engine was invented to run on hemp, etc. this would give ALL the farmers worldwide a living instead of outrageous profits for a few oil companies. Industrial Hemp would be harvested at a height of 200cm this would allow 2 crops per year in Ireland. Can produce from 10ton to 50ton of bio-mass per acre. 50-100 plants per square foot. Hemp growen this way has little to no med


Paper: Scrolls, Ogham Books & Scrolls (Destroyed or confiscated by the Vatican ) more on this story later) etc, were written on 'Hemp' paper using paints & inks made from 'Hemp'!!. Hemp made paper lasts hundreds of years, tree based paper lasts only a few decades.

Clothing:  Irish linen, (the first Hemp laws in Ireland were passed to destroy the Irish Linen Industry. When Hemp was made illegal by the English the Irish linen industry (mostly cottage based and therefore Irish owned and more than likely growing their own Hemp to use) was forced to use cotton, imported from the English plantations, to make their linen. This reduced the quality of the linen and therefore demand for it fell off as well. There is still examples of Hemp made Irish Linen in some of the Royal houses in Europe today. Hemp Based Linen lasts for hundreds of years. Cotton based Linen lasts only a few decades.)  Aran Jumpers, Celtic kilts & Cloaks, etc. all made from hemp.

Resin: To seal their boats, water containers etc. Hemp Resin has been found at nearly every dig in Ireland but is left out of all data to do with these sites.

Medicine: The HERB Hemp was used in 80% of all medicines before the ineffective, dangerous chemical DRUGS of 'so called' modern medicine.

Was the number one (Oil) and number 2 (Tinture) biggest selling medicines in the world, up until The Crown used its 'legal system' in the 1930 to destroy the livelihoods of the farmers and herbalists for the benefit of the Crown Corporation's owned Petrol and Chemical/Drug companies in order to provide them with a monopoly on fuel and medicine.

Enlightenment: Tribal communities and others ingest cannabis in either leaf/bud or resinous form, this produces a dream-like state which can cause an opening up of consciousness.  Note: Only the female buds have the constituent known as tetrahydrocarbinol or T.H.C. which produces this euphoric effect.  Ingesting seeds or male leaves does not produce this effect.

Reed binding for Uillenn pipes: Since the Uillenn pipes came into existence, their reeds have been binded using twine made from Hemp. Hemp twine is stronger and more water resistant than other types of twine. Up until the current unmoral laws the Uillenn pipe players were known to grow their own patch of Hemp to make the twine from. A lot of pipe players still use hemp twine to bind their reeds today.

Art: Alot of Artwork done by Irish Artist's until 1940: Some of their canvases, paints, etc. were made from hemp.

Alcohol: Olden day Mead was made from THC active honey. The honey was taken from beehives located next to and in the Hemp fields. This meant the honey included Hemp pollen and during flowering season the bees would be covered in the resin when they returned to the beehive and this would also get mixed into the honey. This meant the honey was THC Active which made the alcohol THC active and would get you both drunk and stoned at the same time.


Gender:  Masculine &  Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element:  Water

Powers:  Healing Love Visions Meditation

Associated Deities Aongas Óg Medb


Use in all healing and love making ritual's, for promoting visions


Call on the god Aongas Óg and using hemp in love spells.

Call on Goddess Medb while using for enlightenment and visions.

Stories & Articles relating to Hemp

Archaeological Enigmas in Ancient Egypt by Dr. Alexander Sumach


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