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The Conception of Conchobar


Ness, daughter of Eochaid Yellow-Heel was sitting outside Emain Macha, surrounded by her royal women.

The druid Cathbad from Tratraige on Inis Plain came along, and Ness asked him, 'What is now a good time for?' 

'For begetting a king upon a queen,' replied Cathbad. 

The maiden asked him if this was true, and Cathbad swore by the gods that it was: a son conceived at that hour would be remembered in Ireland forever.

There were no other men about, so Ness slept with Cathbad, and became pregnant. 

She carried the child for three years and three months, until finally, at the feast of Othar, she was delivered. 

The baby was called Conchobar because he fell into the River Conchobar and had to be saved by Cathbad.


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