Tuatha-De-Danaan King

Mac Cécht


Name: Mac Cécht /'Son of the Plough'/Tethor


Race:  Tuatha De Danann


Father: Cermait son of Dagda


Brothers:  Mac Cuill Mac Gréine


Grandfather: Dagda


Wife: Fodla 


Profession: King/Warrior

Mac Cécht was one of the last three Tuatha De Danann kings to rule over Ireland. 

One day the brothers were having an argument with each other over the dividing of goods and property between themselves. They ask Ith a stranger his opinion and he just says he cannot understand why they would argue when the land they live in is so good, neither too hot nor too cold, neither too dry nor too wet ... Then Ith leaves but some warriors were incensed by his words thinking he meant to take Ireland for himself and so they ambush and wound him on his way to his ship.  Ith dies and his people the Milesians decide to invade Ireland for revenge.

Mac Cécht was killed by Eremon at the Battle of Tailltin.

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