The  Milesians


Name:  Milesian / Sons of Mil / The Gaedhal / The Gaels


Origins:  Spain, Mediterranean, Scythia


Kings:  Donn, Ir, Ebor, Eremon, Mile, Ith, Breogan, Tigernmas 


Warriors: Fuad : Bladma : Cuailgne


Queens:  Scota,


Poet:  Amairgin 


Druids: Caicer :: Aer :: Eithis 

The Milesians landed in the South-West of Ireland on the feast of Bealtaine and their poet Amairgin is the first to put his foot on Irish soil. He says a poem of thanks and blessing.  The Milesians are greeted with a magical army which Ériu has conjured up from the sods of the earth but this does not phase them as they perceive it to be an illusion and their bards sing incantations which dissipates the magical army.

Then Ériu changing tactics decides to welcome them, Amairgin accepts the welcome but Donn is very rude and condescending.  For this Ériu blesses Amairgin and his kin and says they will prosper in Ireland but she says there will be no future for Donn and his kin.   Amairgin also promises that the land will be named after Ériu forever.  They also meet with Fodla and Banbha the sisters of Ériu, and Amairgin promises to them that their names will be remembered as one of the names of Ireland.

They travel to Tara where they meet with the three kings of Ireland Mac Cuill, Mac Cécht and Mac Gréine and agree to retreat for a period of three days beyond the ninth wave.  However when they sought to land again the Tuatha Dé had created a magical wind which drove their ships from the shore.  In the ensuing magical storm the ship of Donn is wreaked and all her crew is drowned.  So the prophecy of Ériu is fulfilled.

Amairgin sings an incantation over the waves and calms them and the Milesians are able to land.  They fight a battle with the Tuatha Dé at Teltown, Co. Meath (named after Tailtiu foster-mother of Lugh) and the Tuatha Dé are finally defeated it is said because iron weapons were used against them.

The Tuatha Dé still used their magic powers against The Gaels and deprived them of their corn and milk and so it was decided that the Milesians should rule the upper half of Ireland and that the Tuatha Dé Danann should retreat underground into the Otherworld and rule there.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with the Milesians:

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