There are many different aspects of Fairy Lore in Celtic Ireland. 

The people of the Tuatha Dé Danann retreated to an Otherworld after the Milesians came to Ireland and became known as the Sidhe pronounced shee

These became some of the Gods and Goddesses as well as Fairy Kings and Queens of the Celtic people in later times. 

There are many different types of fairy people and creatures.  

We hope to give an ongoing Cultural Database on every aspect of Fairy Lore.  The following is a list of those compiled so far.

Fairy Beings

  Banshee    Changelings    Cluricaune 

    Leprechaun    Pooka    The Merrow-Folk     Wood Sprites  

  Air  Elementals    Lake Dwellers   The Sidhe  

  The Fear Gurtha   Water Sheerrie  The Fear-Dearg  

The Dullahan  The Roanes  Giants The Peist Black Dogs  

Blacksmiths  The Fool of the Fort

Fairy Places

  Fairy-Paths    Shee-Mounds    Tír na nÓg   Fairy-Raths Fairy Mountains Rocks  

Fairy Haunts

Fairy Trees

  Fairy Trees and Bushes

Fairy Enchantments

The Gaoth Shee (Fairy Wind) The Stray Sod Curses 

Fairy Kings  & Queens

Kings:    Bodb-Dearg    Donn    Ilbhreac  

  Knop    Midhir    Niall-na-Ard   

  Ochne   Tethra   Finn Bheara  Eoghanach

Queens:    Áine    Cliodhna    Fuamnach  Fann  

Aoibheall  Grian  Úna

Healers, Wise Ones & Charmers

Irish Folk Healers and Seers


Fairy Stories, Myths & Legends

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O'Carroll's Banshee

Paddy O'Byrne and the Devil's Glen

The Three Wishes

The Battle at Lake Magh Ai

O'Kennedy and the Pooka

The Wooing of Étaín

The Leprechaun and Jack Fox

Moll Anthony of Kildare

Mary's Cluricaune

Teige O'Driscoll and the Féar Gortha

The Field of Boliauns

Daniel O'Rourke and the Phooka

Aoibheall an Account by Lady Gregory 1910

Áine and Ailill Olom

The Brewery of Eggshells

The Crookened Back

Fairies or no Fairies

Flory Cantillon's Funeral

Hanlon's Mill

The Wonderful Tune

The Changeling

The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Cellar

The Legend of Knocfierna

The Legend of Knockgrafton

The Legend of Knocksheogowna

The Headless Horseman


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