List of Fairy Mounds


1. Slieve Gallion, near Armagh. ( Where Cuillen the smith of the Sidhe lived. Also spelled Culann this was the smith who's hound was killed by Setanta who then promised to protect Culann henceforward being called Cúchulainn - the hound of Culann.)

2. Rath Cruachan,( also spelled Cruachain, or Rathcroghan) Co. Roscommon, Connaught.  ( Feidelm the prophetess came out of the fairy mound Cruachan to warn Queen Medb that her armies would be covered in blood if she continued on her quest for the Brown Bull of Cuailgne/ Cooley ).  The entrance to the Otherworld is believed to be in a place now called the Cave of the Cats.

3. Sidhe Finnachaidh, (now called Sliabh Fuaid) near Tara, Co. Meath.  The Faery Lord Aillen Mac Midhna used to come out of this mound every Samhain to cause havoc at Tara, where he burnt the roof with his fiery breath and caused the warriors to fall into an enchanted sleep when he played his Faery music.  He was finally killed by Fionn Mac Cumhail who was protected against his magic by an enchanted spear.

Lir father of the four children who were turned into swans also resided there in the time of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

4. Brugh na Boinne, in Co. Meath now known as Newgrange.  This was supposed to be the home of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celts.  Lugh carries Dechtire off to his home beneath Brugh na Boinne and this is where their son Cúchulainn is born.  Aengus an Mac Óg also lives there, after his mother Boand wife of Elcmar left to live in Cleitech.

5. Sidh-ar-Femhin, on the plain of Cashel.  Bodb was king of the Sidhe in this mound, a harper named Cliach managed to gain access to the mound by playing his music near the entrance.

6. Brí Léith in Co. Westmeath is a famous fairy mound and Midhir was the king, Fuamnach his first wife and Étaín his second wife of whom the famous myth "The Courtship of Etain" relates to also dwelled there.

7.  Hill of Allen, Hill of the Grange and Rathangan in Co. Kildare the hills form a fairy-path or ley-line which it is considered bad luck to cross over at night time.  Oisín went to the Hill of Allen first on his return from Tír na nÓg.  There are many stories of supernatural events linked to these hills.

8.  Cnoc Firinn Knockfierna, Co Limerick.  is the home of Donn fairy-king and god of the Underworld.

9.  Síd Uamain, in Connaught Ethal Abuail was the faery king of this mound and had a beautiful daughter called Caer Ibormeith who Aengus Óg fell in love with and eventually brought to Brugh na Boinne with him.  The story 'Aengus and Caer Ibormeith' gives all the details.

10. Sidhe Findabrach, north of Brugh na Boinne (Newgrange) where the faery tribe of Derc lived. The sons of Derc abducted Enghi daughter of Elcmar and brought her to their sidhe and there was a great lamentation for her loss and the place she was abducted from was henceforward called Cnoguba, 'The Nut Lamentation' known today as Knowth.

11. Cleitech, near Brugh na Boinne (Newgrange) where Boand and Elcmar settled down after leaving the Brugh.

12.  Mullachshee, near Ballyshannon, Co. Donegall also known as Ess Ruadh was the mound of the fairy king Ilbhreac son of Manannan Mac Lír.

13.  Druim Nemed, in Luigne, Connaught, Caoilte and Cascorach rested here on their way to Ess Ruadh the shee-mound of Ilbhreac.

14. Cnoc Meadha, (Knockmaa) near Tuam, Co. Galway is the site of the sidhe mound of Finnbheara king of the Galway faeries.


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