Milesians God



Name:  Donn Firineach (Donn the Truthful)


Race:  Milesian


PropertiesGod of the Dead Underworld Afterlife Protector of Cattle & Crops


Profession: Fairy-King


Father:  Milesius/ Mil Éspaine/ Miled


Brothers:   Amairgin Ir Eremon Heremon Arranan  Colpa Heber


Associated Sites: Tech Duinn Island.  Achill Island.  Cnoc Firinn, Co. Limerick


Province:  Munster

Donn was the chief of the Milesians the race that landed on the south-west of Ireland and succeeded in defeating the Tuatha Dé Danann.

When he first met one of the Tuatha Dé queens, namely Ériu he showed her scant respect. She then pronounced that neither he nor his children would have benefit of the island. When he was later at sea he drowned off the south-west coast and was buried on the island known ever since as "The House of Donn" (Tech Duinn).

He bids all his descendants to come to his house when they die.  He is the father of the descendants of Mil and because he was the first to die he is God of the Dead.

He later came to be incorporated into the fairy lore of the country and became known as a Fairy King. 

Donn was a Fairy King who was benign and vengeful, creator of storms and shipwrecks, and protector of cattle and crops.  In his fairy form he is supposed to live in Cnoc-Firinn in Co. Limerick.  

There is also a Donn who is chief of the Sandhill fairies of Dooghmore in County Clare.  The 18th century poet Andrew Mac Curtain wrote a poem about him.

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