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Death Tales of the Tuatha De Danann

from the Book of Leinster, 1150 A.D.

Edleo son of Alldai yonder, the first man of the Tuatha De 
who fell in virgin Ireland, by the hand of Nerchon 
grandson of Semeon. 

Ernmas, high her valour, fell, Fiachra, Echtach, Etargal, 
Tuirill Piccreo of Baile Breg in the first battle of Mag 

Elloth with battle fell -the father, great and rough, of 
Manannan -and perfect, fair Donand, at the hands of De 
Domnand of the Fomoraig

Cethen of Cu died of horror in Aircheltra; Cian far from 
his home did Brian, Iucharba and Iuchar slay. 

Of a stroke of the pure sun died Cairpre the great, son of 
Etan: Etan died over the pool of sorrow for white-headed 

In Mag Tuired, it was through battle Nuadu Airgetlam fell: 
and Macha - that was after Samain -by the hand of Balar 
the strong-smiter. 

Ogma fell, without being weak at the hands of Indech son 
of De Domnann: breasted Casmael the good fell at the 
hands of Ochtriallach son of Indech. 

Now of painful plague died Dian Cecht and Goibnenn the 
smith: Luigne the wright fell along with them by a strong 
fiery dart. 

Creidne the pleasant artificer was drowned on the lake-sea, 
the sinister pool, fetching treasures of noble gold to 
Ireland from Spain. 

Bress died in Carn Ui Neit by the treachery of Lug, with 
no fullness of falsehood: for him it was a cause of quarrel 
indeed drinking bog-stuff in the guise of milk. 

Be Chuille and faithful Dianann, both the farmeresses died, 
an evening with druidry, at the last, by gray demons of 

He fell on the strand eastward in the trenches of Rath 
Ailig, Did Indui the great, son of pleasant Delbaeth, at the 
hands of Gann, a youth bold, white-fisted. 

Fea, lasting was his fame, died at the end of a month after 
his slaying at the same stronghold - we think it fitting -
for sorrow for Indui the white-haired. 

Boind died at the combat at the wellspring of the son of 
noble Nechtan: Aine daughter of the Dagda died for the 
love that she gave to Banba. 

Cairpre fell - remember thou! by the hand of Nechtan son 
of Nama: Nechtan fell by the poison at the hands of 
Sigmall, grandson of Free Midir

Abean son of cold Bec-Felmas, the bard of Lug with full 
victory, he fell by the hand of Oengus without reproach in 
front of Midir of mighty deeds. 

Midir son of Indui yonder fell by the hand of Elcmar: fell 
Elcmar, fit for fight, at the hands of Oengus the perfect. 

Brian, Iucharba, and Iuchar there, the three gods of the 
Tuatha De Danann were slain at Mana over the bright sea 
by the hand of Lug son of Ethliu

Cermait son of the divine Dagda, Lug ... (?) wounded him it 
was a sorrow of grief upon the plain in the reign of Eochu 

Cermat Milbel the mighty fell at the hands of harsh Lug 
son of Ethliu, in jealousy about his wife, great the fashion, 
concerning whom the druid lied unto him. 

by the hand of Mac Cecht without affection the harper fell: 
moreover Lug fell over the wave, by the hand of Mac Cuill 
son of Cermat. 

Aed son of The Dagda fell at the hands of Corrchend the 
fair, of equal valour; without deceit, it was a desire of 
strictness, after he had gone to his wife iniquitously. 

Corrchend from Cruach fell -the harsh very swift champion, 
by the stone which he raised on the strand over the grave 
of shamefaced Aed. 

Cridenbel squinting and crooked fell -the chief spell-weaver 
of the Tuatha De Danann -of the gold which he found in 
the idle Bann, by the hand of The Dagda, grandson of 

As he came from cold Alba he, the son of The Dagda of 
ruddy form, at the outlet of Boinn, over here, there was 
Oengus drowned. 

The only son of Manannan from the bay, the first love of 
the aged woman, the tender youth fell in the plain at the 
hands of Idle Bennan, on the plain of Breg. 

Net son of Indui and his two wives, Badb and Neman 
without deceit, were slain in Ailech without blame by 
Nemtuir the Red, of the Fomoraig. 

Fuamnach the white (?) who was wife of Midir, Sigmall and 
Bri without faults, In Bri Leith, it was full vigour, they 
were burnt by Manannan. 

The son of Allot fell, with valour, the rich treasure, 
Manannan, in the battle in harsh Cuillend by the hand of 
Uillend of the red eyebrows. 

Uillend with pride fell at the hands of Mac Greine with 
pure victory: the wife of the brown Dagda perished of 
plague of the slope in Liathdruim. 

The Dagda died of a dart of gore in the Brug - it is no 
falsehood -wherewith the woman Cethlenn gave him mortal 
hurt, in the great battle of Mag Tuired. 

Delbaeth and his son fell at the hands of Caicher, the 
noble son of Nama: Caicher fell at the idle Boinn, at the 
hands of Fiachna son of Delbaeth. 

Fiacha and noble Ai fell before sound Eogan of the Creek: 
Eogan of the cold creek fell before Eochaid the knowing, 
hard as iron. 

Eochaid of knowledge fell thereafter at the hands of Aed 
and of Labraid: Labraid, Oengus, Aed, fell at the hands of 
Cermat of form all fair. 

Eriu and Fotla with pride, Mac Greine and Banba with 
victory, Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht with purity in the battle of 
Temair of clear wave. 

Mac Cecht at the hands of noble Eremon: Mac Cuill, of 
perfect Eber: Eriu yonder, at the hands of Suirge 
thereafter: Mac Greine of Amorgen

Fotla at the hands of Etan with pride, of Caicher, Banba 
with victory, Whatever the place wherein they sleep, those 
are the deaths of the warriors; hear ye. 

Those are the adventures of the Tuatha De Danann. 


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