Milesian King



Name: Tigernmas/Tiernmas/Tighernmas/'Great Ruler'

Profession: King (13th in milesian line)

Race: Milesian

Father: Folloch

Grandfather: Ethrial

Great-Grandfather: Irial Faidh

Great-Great-Grandfather: hEremon

Great-Great-Grandmother: Tea of Tara

Son: Eanbotha

Grandson: Smiomghall

Smith: Inchadhan

Associated Deities: Crom Cruach

Associated Sites: Magh Sleacht (Plain of Adoration), Moysleet, Co. Cavan.

:: Tara, Co. Meath.


Tigernmas was the 13th Milesian monarch who ruled in Ireland, a historical date is given for him as having died in 1543 BC. 

He is credited with introducing the working and smelting of gold into Ireland near the river Liffey which was crafted by Inchadhan.  He is also credited with introducing the dyeing of clothes in different colours.  


He set up a system whereby each level of society would be known by the amount of colours in their clothing: The clothes of the learned classes the druids, historians, lawmakers, and high kings to wear six colours, five colours allowed for the nobles and chief warriors, the hospitallers to have four colours, army chiefs to have three colours, soldiers and freemen two, and only one for a slave. 


He fought 27 battles against the followers of the family of Heber Fionn which he won, he was descended from Heremon son of Milesius who was the brother of Heber Fionn.  


It was claimed that he reigned for a hundred years and introduced the cult of the worship of Crom Cruach into Ireland on the plain of Magh Sleaght, now Moysleet Co. Cavan. (Some sources say Fenagh, Co. Leitrim).


Apparently the idol of Crom Cruach was covered in gold and silver and was worshipped up until Patrick of Armagh came to destroy it.  However there are older sources of Roman geographers such as Ptolemy who claim that the idols were covered in earth in their time, which was a few hundred years before the time of Patrick.


It was claimed that king Tigernmas died along with three fourths of his followers while worshipping Crom Cruach at Samhain the festival of the dead.  


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