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Name:  Elatha / Elathan / Elada 


Race:  Fomorian


Father: Delbaeth Mac Net


Grandfather: Net


Region:  Northern Isles - Rathlin


Consorts:  Ériu of the Tuatha Dé : Ethnea 


Sons:  Eochu 'Bres' the Beautiful Dagda Oghma  Delbaeth

Elatha was a king of the Fomorians who was atypical of the usual features of the Fomorians in that he was fair of hair and body.

He was not as blood thirsty as his fellow Fomorians either as when his son Bres came looking for his aid in subjugating the Tuatha Dé by force, Elatha replied: rule them by justice not force, and would not give any of his men to help his son instead he sent him to Balor and to Indech other kings of the Fomorians and they helped him. 

He lived to the north in a beautiful palace.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Elatha

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