High King

Art Mac Cuinn


Name: Art Mac Conn/ Art Mac Cuinn/ Art Óenfher 'The Lonely'/Art Ua Cuinn

Race: Celtic

Family: Ua Cuinn

Profession: High King

Father: Conn Cead Cathach

Mother: Eithne Thaebfhota

Brother: Connla

Sister: Sarait

Grandfather: Feidlimid Rechtaid or Óenlám Gaba 

Great-Grandfather: Tuathal Techtmar

Great-Great-Grandfather: Feradach Findfechtnach

Consorts: Delbcháem ní Mongan :: Etain ní Olc Acha 

:: Medb Lethderg (goddess of sovereignty)

Sons: Cormac Mac Airt

Grandsons: Cairpre Lifechair

Grand-daughter: Grainne

Warriors: Fionn Mac Cumhaill :: The Fianna

Druids: Cromdes

Associated Deities: Medb

Associated Sites: Tara :: Mag Mucrama


Art son of Conn was banished by the conniving Bé Chuma a consort of his father's for a year during his youth. 

When he returned Bé Chuma challenged him to a game of fidchell (akin to chess) and he lost by her cheating and she challenged him to seek out Delbchaem and bring her to Tara. 

Any suitor of Delbchaem's faced almost certain death as her mother a supernatural and fearsome being had been told by her druids that a suitor of Delbchaem's would one day kill her, so in order to prevent this she set out to kill any prospective suitor of her daughter's.


Art overcomes all the obstacles in his way returning with Delbchaem after killing her fearsome family. (This seems to be a theme, note how Cúchulainn had to kill Emer's family in order to marry her).  Delbchaem is very powerful and banishes Bé Chuma from Tara thus returning prosperity and fertility to the region.


Art was known as Óenfer or the lonely after the death of his brother Connla.


On his way to the Battle of Mag Mucrama Art is stopped by Olc Acha who asks him to sleep with his daughter Etain Achtach before he goes to fight.  He complies and Cormac his son is conceived, he asks that Etain Achtach bring the baby when it is born to his friend Lugna in Connaught for fosterage, she does this but on the way is waylaid by wolves who steal Cormac.  Cormac is suckled by a she-wolf and is eventually found by Lugaid mac Con and fostered by him.  Art was killed by Lugaid Laga at the battle of Mag Mucrama.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Art Mac Conn


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