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Name: Slainge/Slanga/Slaine/Slane 'The Vigourous'

Race: Fir-Bolg ( Fir Gailioin ) 

Profession: King/Warrior/Judge

Father: Dela

Grandfather: Loth

Brothers: Gann :: Genann :: Sengann :: Rudraige

Wife: Fuat

Associated Deities: Carman :: Tlachtga :: Tailltiu

Associated Sites:  Tara :: Slane, Co. Meath :: Inber Slaine (mouth of Slaney River, Co. Wexford) :: Druim Fuar :: Dumha Slaine :: Dind Ríg, Co. Carlow

Associated Province: Leinster


Slainge Landed at Inber Slaine with a thousand men on Saturday in August.  He received the portion of Ireland from Inber Colptha to Comar Tri nUisce.  He was of the Fir Gailioin who were thus called because of their javelins and darts they carried.  Slainge was the eldest of the five brothers who first landed in Ireland.  He ruled in Leinster for one year before he died at Druim Fuar which was renamed Dumha Slaine as he was buried there.  He is credited with inventing festivals in Ireland according to Fintan the wise in the 'Hawk of Achill' below.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Slainge

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Metrical Dindsenchas - Slane

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