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Name: Sengann 'Of the Spears'

Race: Fir Bolg 'Men of the Sacks'

Father: Dela

Grandfather: Loth

Brothers: Gann :: Genann :: Rudraige :: Slainge

Wife: Anust

Son:  Fodbgenid

Associated Deities: Carman :: Tailltiu :: Tlachtga

Associated Sites: Inber Dubglaisi

Associated Province: Munster / Mumu


Sengann arrived in Ireland from Greece on a Tuesday with his brother Gann at Inber Dubglaisi.  He took the portion of Belach Conglais to Luimneach (Limerick) as his division of Ireland.  He had two thousand men in his retinue.  He ruled for five years until he was deposed by his nephew Rindail son of Genann.  His tribe were called Fir Bolg because of the leather sacks they carried.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Sengann

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The Battle of Tailltin

The Fair of Tailtiu

Dindshenchas - Teamhair (Tara)

  The Fir Bolg

  The Story of the Tuatha De Danann

The Story of Tlachta


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