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Name: Genann


Race: Firbolg (Fir Domnann)


Profession: King Warrior


Father: Dela


Grandfather: Loth


Brothers: Gann Sengann Rudraige Slainge


Wife: Cnucha


Son: Rindail


Grandson: Eochu


Associated Deities: Tailtiu Carman Tlachtga Mog Ruith


Associated Sites: Mag Tuired Fremaind


Associated Province: Connacht 


Genann arrived in Ireland with his brother Rudraige on a Friday in August, they landed at Inber Domnann.  There were over two thousand people in their retinue.  Genann took North Connaught as his portion while Rudraige went north and took Ulster.  They were known as the 'men of the earth' because of the plough marks they made in it.  They were probably arable farmers, sowing and planting crops.  Genann ruled Connaught for four years then he went to Fremaind where he contracted the plague and died like his brother Gann.  


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Genann


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