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Name: Gann


Race: Fir Bolg


Profession: King Warrior


Father: Dela of Greece


Grandfather: Loth


Brothers: Sengann Genann Rudraige Slainge


Wife: Etar


Associated Deities: Tailtiu Tlachta Carman


Associated Sites: Moytura Mag Tuired Co. Roscommon


Associated Province: Munster/ Mumu


Gann was the leader of the Fir Bolg invasion into Ireland, he was the son of Dela from Greece, himself and his four brothers divide Ireland between them into five parts, coiced - a fifth, this is where we get the modern irish word for province.  They arrive in Ireland in one week but on different days.  Gann landed in Inber Dubglaisi on Tuesday in August with his brother Sengann and two thousand in their retinue.  Gann divided the province of Munster with Sengann and he received the part from Comar Tri nUisce to Belach Conglais under his jurisdiction.  Gann ruled for four years until he died of plague in Fremaind.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Gann


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The Battle of Tailltin

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