Gaint's Leap 1Wedge Tomb Photo Gallery

Name: Gaint's Grave, 


Location: Gaint's Leap, the Burren, Co. Cavan.


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Access: By foot. This site can only be reach by a hour long hike through the hills and woods of the burren. There is a Forest road with no car access part of the way, as far as Burren Wedge Tomb. Then a 1 km walk along a forest path.


Description: This is a most impressive wedge tomb and is well worth the effort to visit.


Traditional Lore: 


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Measurements: The kerb is 36 feet long. The main chamber is 17 feet in length. The interior chamber is four feet wide but this narrows to 3 feet. There are two further chamber which are blocked from the main chamber by cross slabs. There are five capstones making up the kerb. The western capstone has ring and cup marks


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Lat. : 54  15.9'N  Long. : 07 52.7'W

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