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Name: Cumhal Cumhall


Race: Celtic


Clan: Baiscne


Father: Trenmor


Mother: Feidlimid Rechtaid


Brother: Crimnal 


Wife: Muirne


Sons: Fionn :: Tulcha


Grandsons: Oisín (son of Sabha of the sidhe) Fiachna (son of Maighneis)  Faolan  Cairell


Grand-daughters: Cainche  Lugach


King: Cormac Mac Art


Army: The Fianna


Enemies: The Clan Morna Tadg Mac Nuada Conn Céad Cathach  


Associated Sites:  Allmu (The Hill of Allen)


Cumhal is most famous as being the father of Fionn Mac Cumhail.  He falls in love with Muirne the daughter of Tadg but is refused permission to woo her, he refuses to accept this and decides to abduct Muirne from her father's stronghold.  This causes a battle between the Clan Morna protectors of the house of Tadg and the Clan Baiscne, Cumhal's family.  Cumhal is killed by Goll Mac Morna and his brothers.  Muirne now pregnant goes into hiding under the protection of Bodhmall and Liath Luachra until her son is born.


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