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Goll Mac Morna


Name:  Goll 'One-Eyed'/ Aodh Mac Fidga/ Áed -'Fire'


Title: Flame of Battle


Race: Celtic


Clan: Morna


Father: Fidga/Daire


Brother: Conán Maol


Wives: Scandlach Cainche


Grandson: Fer Li


Army: The Fianna


King: Cormac Mac Art


Rival and Ally: Fionn Mac Cumhall


Associated Deities: Manannan Mac Lír


Associated Sites: The Burren The Hill of Allen Co. Kildare


Associated Province: Connaught


Goll was leader of the Connaught branch of the Fianna, He had ousted Finn's father Cumhal from power at the Battle of Cnucha now known as Castleknock in Dublin. 

Goll was part of the clan Morna who were rivals of the clan Baiscne in power struggles.  Finn wrested the leadership of the Fianna back from Goll Mac Morna when he managed to kill the Sidhe prince Aillén Mac Midgna. 

Thereafter he was ordered by Cormac Mac Art to be on cordial terms towards Fionn and he promised the king that he would.  There are many stories which show that Goll developed a respect for Finn against the wishes of the rest of the Clan Morna who still held a grudge.


Fionn promised Goll his daughter Cainche's hand in marriage as reward for rescuing him from Conarán's daughters.  Although he already had Scandlach for a wife.


He has a disagreement with Finn's son Cairell and kills him in the Battle of the White Strand (Fionntraigh, Bantry Co. Cork), this action leads to his own death because he went into a cave to hide from the anger of Fionn and the Clan Baiscne and he was laid siege there and died of starvation and thirst after twelve days, despite his wife begging him to come out of the cave.


Conan Maol his clansman swears to avenge his death on Fionn and this leads to the final split of the Fianna into various factions and its downfall, and the end of the protective army of Ireland, which kept the invaders out.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Goll


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