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Conan Maol


Name: Conan Maol/ Mel/ 'The Bald'/ 'The Blunt'


Race: Celtic


Clan: Morna


Army: Fianna


Father: Fidga


Brother: Goll Mac Morna


Banner: 'The Briar'


Associated Deities: Manannan Flidais


Associated Sites: Connaught Benn Edair Hill of Allen


Associated Herbs, Trees & Fungi: Blackberry Whitethorn Blackthorn


Conan Maol is the brother of Goll Mac Morna.  He is renowned for his lack of tact and delicacy but is nonetheless very brave in battle. 

In one of his encounters his skin is stripped from his back and he is healed by the Sidhe putting a sheep's skin on his back which grows onto it, becoming a part of his own body. 

He only grudgingly trusts Fionn Mac Cumhal as leader of the Fianna, and although he gives him his loyalty he retains a deeper loyalty for his own clan.

He was very quarrelsome and was always first into the fray of any fight.  His banner had a briar on it because the thorny branch best described his nature.


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