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Name: Deirdre 'The Rampageous' / Derdriu 


Father:  Feidlimid


Lover:  Naoise Mac Uisnech


Province:  Ulster


King: Conchobar Mac Nessa


Druid: Cathbad


Associated Deity: Manannan



Portrait of Deirdre by John Duncan, 19th century (after losing Naoise her lover)

Deirdre brings about the downfall of the Red Branch of Ulster because she elopes with Naoise after being engaged to Conchobar Mac Nessa thus causing King Conchobar to lose face. 

Naoise, Deirdre and his two brothers Ardán and Ainnle are exiled in Scotland afraid of the wrath of Conchobar.  

Things get out of hand in Scotland when the king there decides that he wants to marry Deirdre and they all have to flee Scotland. 

They return with promises of safety from Fergus Mac Roich, but Conchobar arranges for Eogan Mac Durthacht to kill the brothers and capture Deirdre for himself. 

 This causes a split in the Army of the Red Branch and Fergus Mac Roich and many of the Ulster warriors leave the service of King Conchobar and go into service with Medb and Ailill of Connaught. 

Cathbad the druid had foretold all this when Deirdre was still in her mothers womb and let out a shout.

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Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Deirdre

The Exile of the sons of Uisnech





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