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Healers, Wise Ones, & Charmers

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Many times the fairies granted a mortal special powers.  These humans could communicate with the fairies and see them even when others could not.  One such was Moll Anthony who lived in the Red Hills of Co. Kildare in the 19th century, her daughter taking over the profession  when she died.  Also as famous was Biddy Early who also practiced as a healer in the19th century being remembered into the 20th century (there are a few books and also television programmes made about her).  There were also Cow-Doctors who mainly cured ailing animals but on occasions gave cures to humans, one such was known as Paddy the Dash practicing in the north of Ireland.   These healers were regarded with a great amount of skepticism by the clerics and christian parish priests who warned the locals to keep away from them.

Biddy Early knew the name of any person coming to see her and also the reason for their visit, she would only treat them if they had decided to consult her first and not a doctor or priest.  Sometimes after examining a person if she deemed the reason for the ailment was not due to fairy enchantments she refused to treat them instead directing them to go to a traditional doctor.

Stories, Myths and Legends about Healers, Wise Ones & Charmers:

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