Mrs. Sheridan

Mrs. Sheridan was a contemporary of Biddy Early's although she was suspicious of her powers and did not like to have too much to do with her.  She herself is more of a seer than a healer, she could see the fairies all around her in her everyday life.  She said they appeared as ordinary mortals usually but that not everyone could see and hear them.

She claims to have been taken away by the fairies under the hill at Coole, and that it was an enormous round walled house,  with many people all inside and some faces she recognised and they recognised her but she could not speak to them nor they to her.  She said she shouted to be let home from them and the fairy queen was not pleased with her, and that she ate no food of the fairies although it all looked so sumptuous.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Mrs. Sheridan

Mrs. Sheridan the Account of Lady Gregory


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