Old Deruane of Inis Maan

Deruane from Inis Maan, one of the Aran Islands off the Galway Coast, in the west of Ireland was a seer and a healer.  He said he saw hundreds and thousands of the fairy hosts going up and down the island.  In ancient times the island was the stronghold of the Firbolgs and they built their forts on all the Aran Islands.

He claimed he could hear battles being fought and see the blood stains on the rocks the next day.  If any did any harm to him either directly or indirectly they would soon become ill and die.  A woman who refused him food when he asked died three years afterwards and he said he could have healed her but remembered her lack of generosity and did nothing.

It seems that the fairy host on Inis Maan could be quite malicious as Deruane tells of them beating up two old men on the island and they minding their own business or so it seemed, they may have broken a taboo of the fairy folk unknown to themselves.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Old Deruane

Old Deruane - the account of Lady Gregory


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