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In these first three pictures the fungi is just coming off the root. There will be many different mushrooms on the same root and damage to this root can cause the death of many mushrooms over a large area. Picture 1 is taken just as the fungi is expanding away from the root as you can see the white veil completely covers the mushroom, it is this veil that becomes the dots, as the mushroom expands the veil shrinks into the dots. In picture 2 the shape of the ball is starting to be seen and picture 3 the ball is fully out.

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In these next 3 pictures you can see the white dots forming as the red cap starts to expand. The veil tears and contracts into the dots. You can still see were the veil is still intact around the base of the ball and the white stem is starting to appear causing the mushroom to rise up and away from the root.

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In these next pictures the caps have continued to expand causing more of the veil to split. When the veil has split away from the underneath of the mushroom, between the cap-edge and the stem, the caps will start to spread outward very quickly.

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And so to the finished product. If the mushroom manages to make it to full maturity before it is ate by slugs or picked by people, the fungi should end up looking something like this. The caps come in a wide variety of sizes. The pictures below show some that didn't make it.

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and more

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