Fly-Agaric - Photo Gallery - Year 97

These pictures below where all taken during the Shroom season of August-October 1997

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Baby Balls

fafc97-1.JPG (75011 bytes) fafc97-2.JPG (126790 bytes) fafc97-3.JPG (182141 bytes)

Full Caps

fafcmo97-1.JPG (101162 bytes) fafcsd97-1a.JPG (214181 bytes) fafcmo97-2.JPG (146060 bytes)

These one above have been damaged by what must be there most lethal enemy or greatest admirer - SLUGS. The unusual shape of the one above may give many a tripper something to think about.

fagsd97-1.JPG (225238 bytes) fagsd97-2.JPG (185252 bytes) fagsd97-3.JPG (277210 bytes)


Sometime they can be found in groups but if the slugs get there first it just means a bigger dinner. I have seen them devour even the biggest of cap's overnight

falbsd97-1.JPG (164357 bytes) famo97-1.JPG (56413 bytes) fafcsd97-1c.JPG (184136 bytes)

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