Fly-Agaric -Photo Gallery - Year 99 - Page 2

These pictures below where all taken during the Shroom season of August-October 1999

fabbsd99-2.JPG (213681 bytes)

fabbso99-1b.JPG (206156 bytes)

fabbnt99-1.JPG (175837 bytes)

You can well see the slug trails around the Fly-Agaric in the first picture. While the second has already had a lump taken out of it

fabbnt99-2.JPG (206654 bytes)

fabbnt99-3.JPG (189529 bytes) fabbsd99-1.JPG (190445 bytes)


fabbso99-1a.JPG (183224 bytes)

fabbso99-1c.JPG (186623 bytes)

falb99-1.JPG (291798 bytes)


fag99-3.JPG (193873 bytes)

fag99-2.JPG (360881 bytes)

fambsd99-2.JPG (256041 bytes)

falbsd-2a.JPG (265541 bytes)


falbsd99-1.JPG (254261 bytes)

falbsd99-2.JPG (226183 bytes)

fambsd99-1.JPG (181934 bytes)

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