Fairy Paths

Fairy paths are reputed to run throughout the length and breadth of Ireland.  Known now as Ley-Lines these are underground lines of force which are associated with magical, paranormal or unusual happenings.

  The Faery-Folk of Ireland or the Sidhe as they are also called always warned mortals not to build their dwellings over these paths of force as strange things and disturbances would begin to happen.

In some rural areas up into fairly recent times as late as the 1950's and 1960's people would consult a local dowser or wise woman to discover where it was safe to build their houses. 

There is even an instance of a house being torn down because one of its gable-ends was discovered to have been built over a fairy path.  

Strange noises, were heard throughout the house and the sound of thousands of marching feet were heard in the downstairs bedroom on the north side of the house which was the side which covered the fairy path. 

When the house was re-located a few yards south of its original location all the disturbances stopped.


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