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Fairy Mountains


There are many famous fairy mountains around Ireland.  Knockfierna or 'The mountain of Truth' in Limerick was the hill of the fairy king Donn who was God of the Underworld.  Cnoc Áine -  Knockainy was the mountain of the Goddess Áine in Limerick, Derry and Donegall.  Cnoc Meadha west of Tuam Co. Galway was the mountain of the Fairy King Finn Bheara.  Knockgreany is the mountain of Grian the sun goddess and sister of Áine also in Limerick.   Knocksheogowna is the mountain of Úna wife of Finn Bheara.  People made sacred journeys to the summits of these mountains at particular times of the year associated with the god or goddess.

Áine was a fertility goddess so she was propitiated around harvest time.  Donn would have been propitiated at either Samhain or the Winter Solstice as he was god of the Dead.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Fairy Mountains

The Legend of Knockfierna

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The Legend of Knocksheogowna

The Legend of Cairn Thierna



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