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Fly Agaric

Fact sheet

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NAME : Fly Agaric

FAMILY : Agaricaceae


LATIN NAME : Amanita muscaria

COMMON / FOLK NAMES : Fairy stool, Fly-Agaric, Soma, 

MEDICINAL PART : Unknown. Must be used with CAUTION

PLACES OF ORIGIN : Ireland, Europe, Asia and North America.

HABITAT : Under Silver Birch tree of a mature nature is the favourite place for this fungi to grow, also under Scotch Pine, Beech and Larch forest.

DESCRIPTION : First appears as a small white lump coming of the root. Grows into a small white ball as it pushes away from the root. As the stem appears the white veil that covers the fungi starts to tear and separate into the white spots showing the red cap underneath. The cap open up and spreads outwards. This fungi has a symbiotic relationship with the silver birch as it merges with the roots of the tree and helps it to absorb minerals in exchange for sugars from the tree. 

see Birth-Death photo gallery for visual growth pattern

FLOWERING PERIOD : August, September, October & November


USES : A powerful tool for the exploration of the brain and mind. 

Preparation and Dosage : It is best sun-dried and then sealed for later use.

CHEMISTRY : The Main Constituents are - 

Muscimole-a CNS hallucinogen.

Ibotenic Acid - a precursor to Muscimole, can be converted to Muscazone.


Other Alkaloids Present are Muscaradine & Muscarine.


GENDER : Masculine
PLANET : Mercury
CELTIC GODS : Dagda, Medb
POWERS : Spiritual Growth, Visions, 


Has been used in many cultures as a growth medium. Was used in many rituals by the Celtic Druids


Sleep with a dried piece of fly agaric under your pillow (or in a sachet) to promote visionary dreams.

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