Fir Bolg


Name:  Fir Bolg (men of the sacks) /  Firbolg 


Origin:  Greece / Mediterranean


Tribes:  Firbolg, Fir Domnann, & Fir Gaileon


High King: Eochaid Mac Eirc


Kings: Slainge Rudraige Gann Genann Sengann Fodbgenid Rindail Eochu Umor Oengus Taman Cime Conall Adar Asal


Queens:  Tailtiu (wife of Eochaid)


Associates Sites:  Dun Aonghus  Dún Onaght Dubh Cathair - Arran Islands off Galway coast  Dún Conchubhair - Inishmaan  Moytura, Co. Sligo.


Poets:  Fathach Menn


Druid:  Cesard


Warriors: Cirb Ferdiad Sreng


Wise Man: Fintan  ( an advisor who is reputed to have been alive since the first invasion of Ireland.)

The Fir Bolg were the fourth wave of invaders to Ireland.  They had been under slavery and servitude in Greece and decided to leave and set sail for Ireland which was the home of their ancestors the Nemedians.

Five brothers, Slainge, Rudraige, Gann, Genann and Sengann set off at daybreak sailing westwards on a south-west wind.  As they approach Ireland the wind rose up and separated them into three parts:  The Fir Bolg, The Fir Domnann, and the Fir Gaileon.  The first were named for the leather sacks they carried, the second for the pits that were left when they dug out the earth, and the third for the darts that were their weapons.

They all eventually landed on Ireland at the same time, and sent messengers to each other to meet up in the centre of Ireland at Tara.  Then they all assembled there and decided to divide out the land equally between the five brothers into the provinces of Míde, Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connaught.

There they lived peacefully enough for many years until the coming of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the first Battle of Magh Tuiredh - 'The Plain of Props' was fought.  They were conquered by the Tuatha Dé Danann but were allowed to choose a portion of Ireland to live in and Sreng chose Connaught and the western islands.  They built many forts on the Arran Islands off Galway coast, Dún Aonghus, Dún Onaght and Dubh Cathair 'Black City' to name a few.

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