Aghnacally Wedge Tomb Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Aghnacally Town land, Slieve Rushen Mountain, Bawnboy, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan.


Access: By Road, Lane , Across a field and through a forest. Not a easy site to get to is very easy to get lost in all the back roads of cavan. 


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The Back

The Front

The West Side


Description:   A fantastic wedge tomb with a mature Ash and Hawthorn growing on the top of the capstone. Hidden at the top of a valley on the north-western side of the Slieve Rushen mountain, in the middle of a Pine forest. Before the pine forest was planted the site would have had a fantastic view over north Cavan and south Fermanagh.

The tomb sits at the top north-east corner of a small field and looking at the bank and wall boundary to this field it is a really old field with the old dry stone wall completely covered in moss and the roots of trees growing along it. 

I really like this site as it was in a remote place and besides the local farmer I was probably the only person to have visited this site for years.


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Traditional Lore: ?



Information:  ?




Lat.: 54 10.2N  Long.: 07 39.1W

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