Beaghmore Stone Circles, Cairns & Stone Alignments Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Beaghmore mountain, Co Tyrone.


Access: By road with parking facilities. 


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Circle A

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Circle B & Alignment

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Alignment for A & B

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Circle A

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Circle A


Description: This site is well worth the visit. It is well maintained with the grass being cut With 7 stone circles 5+ alignments and 6+ small cairns it must have been a really important area. One of the circles has over 800 stones within it, i think that this may be a map of a certain part of the sky as the stone are not layed out in any real pattern. See Avi move Clip 1. 

We have over a hundred photos of this site, it is one of the best around and you could spend hours here if it were not for the exposed mountaintop location. Even on the sunniest of day when i have visited this site there always seem to be a cold wind blowing. So have warm clothes with you just in case even in the middle of summer.

AVI Movies - Clip 1 Circle D with over 800 stones inside it Clip 2  Clip 3 Small Cairn with Ditch Clip 4 Surround view from inside Circle Clip 5 Surround view from inside Circle Clip 6 Circle with over 800 stones in it Clip7 Circles A & B

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Alignment & Circle D

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Small cairn

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Alignment for A & B

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Circle A&B with Alignment


Traditional Lore: 


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Small Cairn with circle D

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Circle C

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Circle D

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Circle D

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Circle D


Information: This site has 7 Stone Circle off various sizes. 5+ Alignments? & 6+  Cairns?. The Alignments and cairns come with + and ? as there may be more still hidden in the surrounding bog land

The most unusual circle is Circle D. This circle contains over 800+ smaller stones of various sizes. If we were to peal back a 20-30cm of topsoil from the inside of the circle i think this would reveal a lot more smaller stones. The only logical explanation is that this circle represents a section of the night sky.

The stones inside the circle are off various sizes which to me means the bigger stones would be the brighter stars and the decrease in size would be with the star that are further away. This would be a nice site to get a good top down view of the stones and put them into a good astrology program and scan it to see if it matches anywhere in the night sky. Of course this would have to be done to the sky chart as it would have been up until maybe 8000 years ago as we have no real idea as to when this sites was made. 


One cairn has a ditch and mound Clip 3. This cairn is located behind Circles E and F. It has been opened at various times since it was uncovered.


Also there is one of the Alignments that has a weaving shape as it run from Circle D to Circles E & F


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Circle D

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Circle E

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Alignment between A&B

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Cairn with Circle C

bhescp-021.JPG (402504 bytes)

Circle D




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Circles E&F

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Snake like stone alignment

between Circle D and Circles E&F

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Lat. :  Long. :

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Circles E & F & Cairn

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Circle F

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Clip 3

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Clip 3

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Circles E & F

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