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Mac Lugaidh


Name: Mac Lugaidh/ Mac Lughaidh/ Mac Lughach/ Lughaid/ Lewy


Titles: 'Caol' - 'The Slender' 

'Gaoine' - 'The Good'


Race:  Celtic


Father: Lugaid Lága (in some versions of tales)


Mother: Lugach Ní Fhionn


Uncle: Fionn Mac Cumhail (sometimes cited as grandfather)


Consort: Tuadh


Army:  The Fianna


Associated Deities: Mananann Angus Óg


Associated Sites: Hill of Allen Ben Edair Fionntraigh (Ventry, Co. Kerry)


Mac Lugaidh is sometimes described as a nephew of Fionn in other texts he is described as a grandson.  Fionn gives him advice on social etiquette and how to work well with other people, as Mac Lugaidh was annoying the other members of the Fianna with his lack of civility and his laziness.  He takes Fionn's advice and becomes one of the best of the Fianna.  He also excels in musicianship.


Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Mac Lugaidh


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