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Fiacha Mac Conga


Name: Fiacha Mac Conga/ Fiachu Mac Conga/ Fiacclach Mac Conchinn/ Fiacchlach/ Fiacail/ Fiacail F Mac Conchind/ Fiacail mac Codhna


Title: 'The Toothed' son of 'Dog-Head'


Race: Celtic


Father: Conga the Dog-Headed


Son: Moling Lath


 Foster Son: Fionn Mac Cumhaill (also his nephew)


Friend: Cumhall (father of Fionn)


Army: The Fianna


Associated Sites: Tara


Fiacha Mac Conga acted as a foster father to Fionn when the young man first came to join with the Fianna.  He gave him an enchanted spear which helped Fionn to defeat Aillen Mac Midgna of the Sidhe, when Aillen was burning down Tara each Samhain.

He challenges Fionn to a race weighing himself down with balls of lead, but as the race progresses he drops the weights which Fionn then picks up and carries.  They both finish at the same time.  Fiacha gives the young Fionn advice and help on many things including tips on how to woo a woman.  In general he is the main father figure in Fionn's life.


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