Fomorian God 



Name: Net / Néit / Neith  


Properties: God of War


Race: Fomorian


Father: Indui


Grandfather: Alldui 


Son: Delbaeth   


Grandsons: Balor Goibniu Elatha


Great-Grandsons: Dagda  Bres


Consorts: Badb Nemain Fea  Morrigan


Associated Deities: Domnu


Associated Sites: Magh Tuiredh (Moytura Co. Roscommon)  

Net is an Early Irish God of War, associated in the ancient texts with the Fomorians. 

His wife is often cited as either Badb or Nemain which are aspects of the triple goddess Morrigan.  Fea is also cited as his wife, Badb, Nemain and Fea are known as the three furies who are all aspects of the 'phantom queen' Morrigan.

He has many famous descendants who through 'mixed marriages' between the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danann end up fighting against each other in the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh (Moytura Co. Roscommon). 

Net himself is killed in Ailech by Nemtuir the Red of the Fomorians.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Net:

The Story of the Tuatha de Danann (lebor gabala)


Deathtales of the Tuatha De Danann (lebor gabala)


The Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh


Bres and the Tuatha De Danann


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