Name: Aoibheall / Aibheall / Aoibhell / 'Bright & Sparkling'


Race: Tuatha Dé Danann


Province: Munster


Associated Sites:  * Craig Liath, Kincora, Co. Clare.

 * Aoibheall's well near Craig Liath

* Clontarf 


Ban Sidhe of: The O'Brien family


Patron Goddess of: Brian Boru of the O'Brien clan.


Consort: Dubhlaing Ua Artigan an attendant of Murchadh son of Brian Boru

Aoibheall is a famous fairy queen of County Clare.  She is the Banshee of the O'Brien family and wails to presage the death of any of their members.  She had a lover who was an attendant of Murchadh eldest son of Brian Boru and she put a magic mist about him to try and prevent him from going to the Battle of Clontarf as she knew a great many would be killed there.  He did not heed her and went on anyway so she followed him there and went to the tent of Brian Boru where she informed him he would be victorious but that he would lose his life and the first of his sons that came to see him that night would be made king.

Brian sent for Murchadh because he wanted him to be king, but Murchadh delayed by changing into fresh clothes and it was Donnchadh his other son who went to his tent first.

There are many poems about Aoibheall written in the 18th century the most famous of these is 'The Midnight Court' written by Brian Merriman in 1780.  Which is still performed in theatres today.

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Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Aoibheall

Aoibheall: The Account of Lady Gregory 1910



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