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Court Tombs

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Name:  Drumhart Court Cairn

Location:  Drumhart Townland, Killashandra road, Arvagh, Co. Cavan.

Access:  By road and lane. From Arvagh take the Carrigallen road North-west out of town and take the first turning going North, the road to Killashandra. Follow the road for Three miles and take the turning to Left on the West side of the road. Follow the lane to its end, and the site is located in a hollow just North of where the lane ends. The site is on Private land so ask permission at the house.

Description:  This is a prime example of a Court cairn. The site is situated in a hollow beside the Drumhart river. It consists of a long chamber with a stone box structures on either end. The Western box has two arm coming off at 45 angles. One Arm is Pointing in a North-Westerly direction towards Clooncorick Standing Stones and other is pointing in a South-westerly direction towards Errew Standing Stones. I was told that the Drumhart river floods the area surrounding the site regularly but the site itself always remains firm and dry. This mean that the 'tomb' is water resistant in some manner or other and whatever knowledge that is buried in this site may still be in reasonable condition.

The site runs from East to West with the arms on the West side. The stones would have been taken from the hillside surrounding the South side of the site. The site is over 24 meters in length and has 23 stones still visible. The site is well worth a visit but bring boots as it is a damp and muddy access to this site.

Measurements -: This site has 23 stones. 7 stones make up the Eastern Box. 8 stones make up the Western Box. 1 stone for the North-western arm. 2 stones for the South-western arm and 5 stones running between the two boxes.

Overall Length -:  2440 cm ; 24.4 meters

Eastern Box -: Length - 4m : Western Box -: Length - 4m

Lat. : 53 58.3' N  ;  Long. : 07 34.8' W

Other Sites close by: 

Clooncorick Standing Stones ; Bruse Hill Cairns ; Bruse Hill Standing Stone ; Errew Standing Stones 


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