Standing Stones

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Name -: Clooncorick Standing Stones

Location -: Clooncorick Townland, Carrigallen, Co Leitrim.

Access -: There is a road and lane access to this site. The Standing Stone is North of Carrigallen village. Taking the main road North out of Carrigallen towards Cloone / Ballinamore, take the second lane on the right and follow it for as far as you can, the lane will turn into a small track follow the track for a half mile and this site is on the south side of the lane up a small rise.

Description -: This is a site that may have been different than it is today. The block stone may have sat on top of the standing stones. Although only one of the stones is still standing. This would have given it a door shape. Many of these sites lay on ley-lines which are the Energy lines of the planet. And a door shaped site begs many questions. Sometimes there are stories of healing properties associated with these site i.e. you would walk through the site in a certain direction. Other stories tell of being able to move between different lands and other worlds or realms like the fairy realm.

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Measurements -: This site comprises 3 stones

Standing Stones -: 

Standing Stone - H-140cm , L-24cm , W-11cm :

Fallen Stone - H-170cm , L-80cm , W-46cm :

Block Stone 3- H-56cm , L-90cm , W-80cm.

Lat. -: 5359.4'N ;   Long. -: 07 38.8' W

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