Altadaven Standing Stones & Well Info & Photo Gallery

Name: Altadaven Standing stone, Druids Well and Chair,

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Location: Altadaven Forest, Culla Beg Mountain, Aghindarragh East Townland, Augher, Co Tyrone.


Access: By Road from Augher with parking facilities and then a short walk through Altadaven Wood. By foot as part of 'The Ulster Way' Hike route.


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Description:  This site is a popular walking area for the local population. 'The Ulster Way' hiking path runs right past the site. The path can be seen in many of the photos. 

This site is located in a glen in the mountains south of Augher town. The stone is located at the top of a rise. With a seat shape the base shows the wear of many a rear end. Just down the rise for the stone is a bowl indent in a stone that jutes horizontal from the hillside (photos below). 

This is quite an unusual place, on the other side of the rise from the stone with the indent, runs a stream at the base of the rise. It is flowing in a northerly direction but just before it draws level with the site it disappears underground only to rise to the surface a few meter down from the site. There is a distinct temperature drop in the area where this is happening.


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Traditional Lore: It is well known that this was an important site to the Druids. The site its self was known as the Druids Chair. Everything about this site would be special to the druids. The shape of the stone, the bowl well and the stream the sank below ground they would have seen as wonder of the earth and an ideal place to carry out the druidic lifestyle.





Lat.  : 54 23.5'N   Long. : 07 04.9'W

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