Cullamore Court Tomb Info & Photo Gallery

Location: Cullamore Hill, Clogher, Co Tyrone.


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Access: By road with a short climb to the top of the Cullamore hill. Is Signposted at the road.


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Description:  This is a court tomb with a semi-circular 'court' and two chambers. Was thought to have been built in the Neolithic Period approximately 5000-6000 years ago.


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Traditional Lore: Local Folklore has it that the Gaint at Cullamore was having a party and, consequently he ran out of butter. So, he called over to the Gaint at Knockmany to ask "for the loan of some." The Knockmany Gaint threw a lump of butter, which did not reach the lenght of Cullamore but landed halfway resting in the townland of Ballynagurragh. The lump of butter can be seen to this day, althought it has hardened over the years and turned to stone.


Information: The court tomb was excavated in the late 1890s by Rev. Rapmond who discovered as uncremated human skeleton. 


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Lat. 54 22.9'N :  Long. : 07 06.4'W

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Mythology: Was made by the Cullamore Gaint



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