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Standing Stones

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Name -: Fenagh Standing Stone - Site 3

Location -: Aghoo  road, Fenagh, Co Leitrim.

Access -: There is no road access or a path to this site. Take the Ballinamore road north out of Fenagh Village and take the first road on the right. Travel east for a third of a Km. and pull over. This Standing Stone is just south off the road. Cross the field and embedded in the first hedgerow you come to is Fenagh Standing Stone - Site2, Site 3 is to the South-east of this stone 2 fields over in the middle of the field.

Description -: This is a nice triangular shaped standing stone. It is the South-eastern stone in a triangle of stones. Fenagh Standing Stone -Site 2 is the Northern stone, and Fenagh Standing Stone - Site 4  is the South-western Stone.

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Measurements -:  This site comprises 1 Stone.

Standing Stones -:  1 Stone - Height -180 , Base Length -70cm , Top Length -20cm , Width -30cm ,

Lat. -: 54░ 01.3' N ; Long. -: 07░ 49.8' W

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